CerebroScope is Looking for an Intern

CerebroScope's mission is to design, build, validate, and market easy-to-use non-invasive devices for monitoring brain-damaging electrical tsunami's (called cortical spreading depressions, CSDs) in the neuro-intensive care unit. These devices would first be used to optimize therapy for acute brain injury and then to monitor it. CerebroScope's 2-year Phase I NIH SBIR has enabled the design and development of a proof-of-concept prototype system. We are closing in on finalizing our patent, an IRB protocol, manufacturing standards, and our clinical device after ~15 prototypes, which will soon be ready for the final validation milestone. Our collaboration with a neurosurgeon at the University of New Mexico is primed to provide the proof-of-concept validation that it works. 

Read more here, here, and here.

CerebroScope is looking for a student intern to assist with its Business Model Canvas.

If interest, please contact Stephen Jones for more information. 


Closet Infinite is a fashion-sharing startup based in Carnegie Mellon University. Through peer-to-peer sharing of clothes and accessories, we provide solutions to make use of spare items in users’ closets, while ending the "nothing to wear" frustration on a daily basis. The platform is currently operating on Facebook.

The CTO should have website-building skills, experience with running recommendation algorithms and constructing customer databases. 

Other positions are available in the following areas: logistics, design, marketing and finance. 

If interested, please contact Siwei Xie for more information.

Goodwin Point Partners

Goodwin Point Partners is interested in working with students who want to work part-time during the school year for an active search fund. A search fund is an investment vehicle through which investors financially support an entrepreneur’s efforts to locate, acquire, manage, and grow a privately held company.

They are looking for help with all aspects of the search process. The position is unpaid but offers flexibility, autonomy, and exposure to the search fund model and community. Their investor base includes a diverse assortment of some of the best known and most successful search fund entrepreneurs and investors:

- Funds: Pacific Lake, Trilogy Search
- Partnerships: TTCER (Ausurion), Housatonic Principals (Will Thorndike & Joe Niehaus)
- Active CEOs: Jay Davis & Jason Pananos (HBS), Andrew Saltoun (GSB), GJ King & Will Bressman (GSB), Mark Anderegg (Kellogg)
- Individuals & Family Offices: Kent Weaver, Graham Weaver, Matt & Craig Burr

They are looking to bring on interns in accordance with their abilities and interests as they relate to four primary areas:

- Deal Sourcing: defining, building, and continuously managing a systematic and repeatable deal sourcing process.
- Industry Research: conducting self-driven research to determine the size, growth rate, and future prospects of industries and industry niches.
- Deal Evaluation: screening opportunities against investment criteria and building and maintaining financial models to establish a fair price and appropriate terms.
- Management: recruiting and managing other interns.

They are based in Portland, ME and understand that most students will be completing their summer internships in the coming weeks and eager to focus on the new school year. For these reasons, they are simply seeking a minimum commitment of 10 hrs/week for 10 weeks with the option to put in more hours or extend the duration.

How to Apply

Email Rob your resume and a brief statement (3-5 sentences) explaining your interest in the search fund model as well as your availability.

Generational Transfer Entrepreneurs

Generational Transfer Entrepreneurs (GTE) is a small family private equity office looking for undergraduate business students and MBA interns to work part-time throughout the year. Our team consists of entrepreneurs that are experienced operators and deal flow specialists looking for lower middle market companies to purchase and operate. 

All interns will also responsible for assisting in investment origination and prospective company outreach. GTE offers competitive packages to interns and provides experience to those interested in Entrepreneurship through Acquisition and hoping to partner with GTE in the future. We are currently looking for interns and are happy to work with your program to maximize your experience.


  • Strong work ethic, outgoing, and self-motivated
  • Leadership Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to effectively work in a team
  • Preference for operations/management experience
  • Strong analytical and Excel skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

How to Apply

Check out the "Join Us" page on GTE's website.