Unicorn Hunting (1).jpg


  • Ideate creative uses of emerging technologies in various industries

  • Collaborate with peers to choose the most promising or “moonshot” idea

  • Pitch the idea as a tagline and win cash prizes!


  • Industry introduction

  • Technology brainstorming session

    1. Robotics

    2. Blockchain

    3. AI/Machine Learning

    4. AR/VR

    5. Computer Vision

    6. IoT

  • Tagline presentations

  • Selection of best idea in each category and best overall idea


  1. What is the point of Unicorn Hunting?
    Most of the entrepreneurship workshops at Carnegie Mellon University focus on what to do after you have an idea for a company. We recognize that most students haven’t come up with something they want to pursue as a startup. Ideation is hard! For one night, we want to make brainstorming incredibly fun and come up with the biggest moonshot ideas possible in a limited amount of time.

  2. Will students select their own teams?
    No, we believe the best ideas come from a diverse group of people. As entrepreneurship enthusiasts, we want you to meet new people and expand your network
  3. Are there prizes?
    Yes! All participants will receive a miniature notebook and pen (useful tools for writing your ideas -- we know ;) ) . One team will win $250 for coming up with the overall best idea.